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Progress in the project - Component 2

Eco Management and Audit Scheme

Approximately 90 working days (~ 70 Austria/ ~ 20 UK)
Austrian experts together with one UK expert from BSI (British Standards Institution) presented three different kinds of environmental system approaches, taking into account the European EMAS Regulation, and DIN ISO 14001 and, based on similarities and differences between these three approaches, an Israeli concept for an environmental management system for Clean Air permit holders was designed. Based on this discussions a manual was elaborated which can be used by companies- especially by Clean Air permit holders - to establish their own Environmental system approach.

The manual comprises – after an introductory part and a chapter of definitions- a section on documents to be provided by operators, a description of procedures, a chapter on audit methodologies and chapter on surveillance by the authority. In the annexes a list of relevant environmental legislation can be found, as well as a list of Licenses/Permits/Certificates needed for industrial activities and a list of relevant European environmental laws and regulations..

The draft manual was discussed with stakeholders from administration, business and NGOs on 22 May 2017. A number of valuable comments were received which are taken into account for the final version of manual..

Furthermore a study tour to Austria has been undertaken in order to visit companies with an existing management system in place.