MoEP EU-Twinning

Launching the components

Prior to the kick-off event, component 1 and 3 of the Twinning project (IPPC) already had a few missions, including a mission with a workshop and two site visits on fuel stations (regarding vapour recovery aka stage II), led by Mr. Richard Schlachta and Mr. Heinz Baumgarten – experts from the last Twinning project who are continuing, a mission on material streams, led by Ms Anja Schwetje, and a mission on communication and visibility, led by Mr. Joerg Frauenstein, whose other expertise is soil protection.
Both Ms Schwetje and Mr. Frauenstein are new to this Twinning project.

At the week of the kick-off event, there were four missions, focusing on visibility and communications, soil protection, EMAS and energy efficiency (with four experts from two countries, Germany and UK, respectively).

Visibility saw the finalization of the project’s website and newsletter, as carried out by Ms Keya Choudhury on the European; Ms Naomi Lipstein and Ms Sari Zimmerman on the Israeli side.

For EMAS, the component leader, Ms Monika Brom (UBA Austria), met with her Israeli counterpart, Mr. Ohad Carny (MoEP). Mr. Carny, who is also the component leader for resource efficiency, had intensive discussions with three German experts (Mr. Christian Kuehne, Mr. Heinz-Jochen Poremski and Ms Judit Kanthak), as well as with Mr. Sandy Truesdale from Nothern Ireland. Both components were successfully launched, and missions planned. In IPPC, which is already on the way (and the only component continued from the last Twinning project), Mr. Klaus Rehda made significant contributions to further planning with his Israeli counterparts, especially the head of the soil protection and wastewater unit, Mr. Avi Haim.

Overall, it was a successful week with fruitful discussions that resulted in a clear plan on the objectives and planned results of this Twinning project, and where experts from all three MS countries and from Israel harmoniously cooperated.