MoEP EU-Twinning

Workshop: European CEM standards and quality assurance

On November 9th, a workshop of Twinning experts on European CEM (Continuous Emission Monitoring) took place. The large workshop was meant for operators of industrial installations, regulators (like the Ministry of Environmental Protection) and test labs. It focused on European continuous emission monitoring standards and quality assurance. Goal of the workshop was to give a profound introduction into European CEM standards including hands-on examples. The following presentations were shown by the German experts:

1. Introduction to European Standards and type testing of automated measurement system (AMS)

In the first presentation of the workshop an introduction to the European framework of standards for CEM was given. It focuses on the first quality assurance level of the EN 14181 (QAL1) and gives details about the type testing of AMS and the correspondent certificates according to the EN 15267 pages 1 and 3. The presentation are available here.

2. EN 14181 hands-on: How to do quality assurance of CEM

Based on a concrete example (combustion plant, fuel coal) the quality assurance of an AMS for NOx CO and TOC was discussed and demonstrated. The whole quality assurance cycle from planning of the installation of an AMS (choosing the right AMS and position in the stack), calibration QAL2, the ongoing quality assurance by the operator (QAL3) and the annual surveillance test (AST) were described comprehensively with detailed example evaluations were given. The last part of the talks gives an introduction to the German data management system for CEM. The presentation sheets are available here. ; In addition questions about the special standards for QAL2 of PM-AMS and volume-flow AMS were discussed with the audience.

3. Excel template

For the different quality assurance levels in the standard EN 15259 and EN 14181 different calculations are documented. To facilitate the implementation of these QA-levels for the test labs and operators an Excel template was developed and presented that features spreadsheets for homogeneity checks, QAL2, AST, QAL3 and linearity checks. The labs / operators were advised, that they can check their own calculations with the results of this template. The presentation sheets are available here
and the excel-sheet you will find here.
The workshop European CEM standards and quality assurance was very successful. The high number of participants attests to the strong interest of the different Israeli bodies. The presentations and the given Excel template will support the implementation of EN 14181 in Israel. The planned shift from EPA methods to European SRM methods for QAL2 is strongly recommended from the experts’ point of view.
For the next missions it is planned to finish the manual From the expert’s point of view it is advisable to implement a data management system as a profound monitoring of the plant’s emissions is only possible if the CEM data are evaluated in a defined and comprehensive way.
As demanded by some of the participants and the Israeli ministry, an additional, albeit smaller workshop with only few participants is recommended.