Twinning Newsletter, No 2, January 2016

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Implementation and Strengthening the Environmental Framework for IPPC, Resource Efficiency and Eco-Management in Israel
Environmental Twinning project staying on top in 2016
Project News
Our EU Twinning project wishes everyone -
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Twinning Experts Help Calm Concerns about Planned Plant in North

In late November, two German environmental government regulators arrived in Northern Israel in for a mission focused on the potential environmental effects of a facility  Read more
Emissions Inventory Mission

Two experts from Germany took part in an expert mission from October 18-22, focused on how to best integrate Israel's inventory of all pollutants emitted into the air with the country's PRTR database Read more
Progress in the project

With the end of 2015 the first six months of the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection’s second Twinning project has come to an end. During this period, an important step was reached Read more   

For RTA Gabi Schramm's report on the project's last quarter, read more
The following table on the website.

Looking back     
Looking forward
1st week of November:
Wastewater -Mission with 2 German experts, including a gap analysis
2nd week of January: 
Steering Committee Meeting, with project leaders from Germany, Austria and Northern Ireland, Israeli project leader, RTA, RTA Counterpart, representatives of MFA and European Delegation
1st week of November:
mission on hazardous substances with 3 German Experts, including a gap analysis
2nd week of January:
Double mission on hazardous waste and soil protection, with 2 experts from Austria, focusing on interfaces of both regulatory systems, waste classification according to EU waste catalog, mirror entries, threshold from EU member states and possible adaptation in Israel, preparation of a waste manual, and transfer stations, with a possible site visit to a transfer station. Possibility of preparation of a larger workshop in one of the next missions.
2nd week of November:
mission on soil Protection with 2 German and 1 Austrian expert, including a gap analysis
3rd week of January: 
mission on continuous stack monitoring with 2 experts from Germany, with preparation of manual, implementation of gap analysis from last mission, workshop towards Israeli data management guideline, preparation of presentation of German classification scheme, preparation tasks Israeli twinning team, study of German guidelines.
2nd week of November:
Double mission on material streams (food streams and plastic), with 2 Experts from Germany and to Experts from UK
4th week of January and 3rd week of February:
mission on material streams (food and plastics) with 2 UK experts.
3rd week of November:
Adhoc advice on opening of new installation vs. neighborhood complaint of odor nuisance, with 2 German experts, including a meeting with all stakeholders (MoEP, Local Authorities, Installation, BREF author, NGO) – due to the experts' input, the issue was resolved to the content of all involved parties (see also article)
2nd week of February:
mission on energy efficiency with German expert.
3rd week of November:
Mission on inspection component with German expert
3rd week of February: 
mission on wastewater stream inventory with 2 German experts, one  a BREF author
2 missions - one on environmental management systems (with 1 expert from Austria) and one on resource efficiency (with 2 experts from Germany, and 1 from UK)
3rd week of February: 
mission on Environmental Management System with Austrian expert.
Achieved Results Planned Results
  • 5 gap analyses (air quality, hazardous waste expert, hazardous substances, soil protection, waste expert)
  • Round table discussion on the content of the manuals
  • manuals on each topic
  • workshops
  • training and capacity building
  • recommendations

Further Information 

Meet the Team
Ayelet Ben Ami 
Resident Twinning Advisor Counterpart

Read more
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